Dog-Friendly Pizza Restaurant on the Outer Banks

Yes, we want you to bring your pups!

Did you know that just a little less than half of households in the U.S. have dogs? That’s a lot of man and woman’s best friends looking for a place to eat out! Here at Slice Pizzeria OBX, we are proud to be a dog-friendly restaurant on the Outer Banks. Why are we a dog-friendly place? We love dogs! Our canine bestie is so much than a pet. They are our partners in crime. They are the friendly face that greets us at the end of the day, he’s a family member. Dog is man’s best friend and people use to have to leave their furry friends at home, The trend is changing and more restaurants are allowing dogs. Slice wants to give our customers the option to bring the whole family. Since we have opened, we have regularly done benefits for the SPCA and have made this part of our DNA as a team. It is a natural fit to have pups and pies…

What exactly does “dog-friendly” mean to us? It means providing a safe, fun and considerate place for families to have pizza AND have their dog.

What we provide for a dog-friendly pizza joint experience:

  • Outdoor patio space for dining with your pup
  • Freshwater bowls
  • complimentary dog bones
  • chew toys to keep them occupied
  • a nice cool tile patio floor
  • dog bed for those older pups

There are some rules to make the experience great for everyone:

  • Dogs must be outside on the patio (unless it is a service dog)
  • You are responsible for your dog
  • Be cool with your pup and have your pup mind his/her manners

NOTE: Some people don’t like dogs, but we have a beautiful, fenced-in patio to handle the pup-friendly crowd, leaving the main dining area for non-pup friendly people. We also have trained our staff to be sensitive to this dynamic. We have had great success with our pup-friendly events and everyone has been happy with the results. We believe that Slice Pizzeria is the MOST dog-friendly pizza restaurant on the beach! We are located in Kill Devil Hils on the bypass at Milepost 8.5. We look for to seeing you and your pup!